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                      Our Repertoire

The choir has a varied repertoire of music which ranges from early music of the 15th century, through to present day composers such as Andrew Lloyd Webber, Steve King and Paul Mealor.   Recently the choir have performed Mozart’s Requiem, J. S. Bach’s “St. John Passion”, Monteverdi’s “Vespers”, Handel’s “Messiah”, Beethoven’s Choral Fantasia” and many works by early composers such as Gabrieli, Praetorius and Schutz.  The Linton Singers also have a large collection of folk songs, madrigals and Scottish songs in their repertoire.

We have many contacts with local instrumentalists who provide us with fine orchestras for our concerts.



Haydn, Joseph - The Creation  

Haynes, Hannah - Cantata for Saint Triduana

Hassler, Hans Leo - Cantate Domino at 12   

Monteverdi, Claudio - Christe adoramus te  

Schutz, Heinrich - Herr, unser Herrscher   

Gabrieli, Giovanni - Kyrie, eleison  

Peebles, David - Si quis diligit me, Descendi in hortum meum, Quam multi Domine   

Tallis, Thomas - O sacrum convivium, If ye love me, Glory to Thee  

Peebles, David, Si quis diligit me  

Anon. Scottish - Remember me, my deir, O Lusty May   

Morley, Thomas - Now is the month of maying   

Tielman Susato, Signum   



Mozart - Coronation Mass   

Rossini - Stabat Mater

Heinrich Schütz - Herr, unser Herrscher     

Gabrieli, Giovanni - In ecclesiis  

Hans Leo Hassler - Cantate Domino   

Monteverdi, Claudio - Exultent Caeli  

Tallis, Thomas - Glory to thee, my God, this night, If ye love me  

Morten Lauridsen - Sure on this shining night

Robert Burns - trad. Arr. Murray Campbell - A man’s a Man

Folk Songs - Afton Water, Yarmouth Fair, The Sailor and Young Nancy


Gjeilo, Ola - Sunrise Mass   

Cherubini, Luigi - Requiem in C minor

Songs from the the time of the Union of the Crowns - O lusty May, Descendi in hortum meum, Psalm 43 (David Peebles), The Silver swan (Orlando Gibbons), Sweet Suffolk Owl, (Thomas Vautor), Now is the month of maying (Thomas Morley), Remember me my deir (anon), The time of youth, (John Fethy), April is in my mistress face (Thomas Morley), Weep you no more (John Dowland), With fragrant flowers (Francis Pilkington)

Vivaldi’s Gloria (Scratch performance)

Monteverdi, Claudio - Ave maris stella, Qui laudes tuas cantat,   Pulchra es, Adoramus te, Christe, Exultent caeli

Praetorius, Michael - Aus tiefer Not, Resonet in laudibus, Wie schon leuchtet, In dulci jubilo


Tielman Susato - Signum  

Hans Leo Hassler - Dixit Maria  

Hans Leo Hassler - Ach! Weh dass Leiden  

Hans Leo Hassler - Nun fanget an   

David Peebles - Psalm 42  

David Peebles - Si quis diligit me  

Gabrieli, Giovanni - Domine exaudi  

Scottish - O lusty Man, Nou let us sing, Remember me my deir, What mightie motion  

Praetorius, Michael, Uns ist ein Kindlein and Jvom Himmel hoch   

Monteverdi, Claudio - Ave maris stella, Salve Regina and Confitebor tibi Domine                                

Vivaldi, Antonio - Gloria

Hassler, Hans Leo - Dixit Maria

Duruflé Maurice - Requiem

Gilbert & Sullivan - The Pirates of Penzance


Mealor, Paul Love's As Warm as Tears

Mealor, Paul   Locus Iste

Mealor, Paul The Beatitudes

Mealor, Paul Peace

Lauridsen, Morten  Sure on this Shining Night

Bach, J. S. St. John Passion

King, Steve Everyone Suddenly Burst Out Singing

Lauridsen, Morten  Nocturnes

Mozart, Wolfgang  Requiem (scratch performance)


Lloyd Webber, Andrew / Tim Rice  Cats

Broadway Musical, arr. Mark Brymer The Lion King

Bardos Lajos (Hungarian) TÁBORTÚZNÉL (At the Camp Fire)

Brahms, Johannes Requiem

Gabrieli, Giovanni  Kyrie eleison

Gabrieli, Giovanni In ecclesiis a 14

Anonym (16th century) Sanctus from Missa Felix Namque

Pachelbel, Johann Singet dem Herm ein neues Lied

Schütz, Heinrich The Christmas Story

Mealor, Paul I Pray



Loewe/Jerner My fair Lady extracts - On the street, With a little bit, I could have danced

Mozart  Magic Flute extracts - Priests' Chorus, Birdcatcher's song, Sarastro's aria, Queen of the Night's aria  

Bizet Carmen extract - Habanera  

Bernstein/Sondheim West Side Story extracts - Somewhere, America

Gilbert and Sullivan  Mikado extract - Brightly dawns our wedding day  

Schönberg/Kretzmer  Les Miserables extracts - At the end of the day, I dreamed a dream, Castle on a cloud, Do you hear the people sing, On my own, Bring him home.

Susato, Tielman Signum  

Gabrieli, Andrea O sacrum convivium  

Gabrieli, Giovanni Domine exaudi  

Peebles, David Si quis diligit me  

Monteverdi, Claudio Pulchra es

Monteverdi, Claudio  Dixit Dominus (1610 Vespers)  

Hassler, Hans Leo Nun fanget an ein gut's Liedlein  

Anon. Scottish Nou let us sing, Remember me my deir, In a garden so green, What mighty motion, O lusty May 2013

Monteverdi, Claudio Laudate pueri

Monteverdi, Claudio Confitebor tibi  

Bach, J.S.  Extracts from Mass in B minor



Gabrieli, Giovanni Domine exaudi a 10  

Gabrieli, Giovanni Omnes gentes plaudite manibus

Gabrieli, Giovanni In ecclesiis a 14  

Gabrieli, Giovanni Dulcis Jesu a 20  

Hassler, Hans Leo     Verbum caro factum est a 6,     Ach weh das Leiden a 4, Nun fanget an ein gut Liedlein a 4  

Mozart Requiem



Faure  Requiem

King, Steve Everyone Suddenly Burst Out Singing  

Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Alan Bruford  Jubilate in D minor

Gabriel Fauré Requiem  


Bruckner Libera me  

Bruckner Afferentur regi

Bruckner Locus iste

Bruckner Ecce sacerdos  

Praetorius, Michael  Christmas Mass



Monteverdi, Claudio  Vespers (1610)  

Verdi, Giuseppe Chorus of the Hebrew slaves (Nabucco)  


Purcell, Henry King Arthur  

Rogers, Keith (1943-2008) Magnificat for Carnlough  

Stevenson, Ronald  The Seventh Beatitude  

Vivaldi Gloria



Lambert, Constant Rio Grande  

Schubert, Franz  Mass in G



Faure  Cantique de Jean Racine  

Rossini Petite Messe Solenelle  


Handel  Messiah - full work



Handel Messiah - extracts  

Scottish selection - joint concert with Orjanskoren

O lusty May, Remember me my dear, Nou let us sing, Mary Morison, Uist tramping song, Auld Lint Mill, What mighty motion and

Lennon McCartney Obladi and When I’m 64, Can’t buy me love.


Cavalli  Magnificat  

Cozzolani, Chiara Margherita  Messa a 4  

Giovanni Gabrielli Domine exaudi  

Monteverdi, Claudio  Excerpts from Vespers of 1610  

Mozart, W.A. Requiem


Schonberg, Claude Michelle  Medley from Les Miserables



Haydn, Joseph  The Creation



Cavalli Messa Concertata  

Monteverdi, Claudio  Vespers  

Stevenson, Ronald Musings by theLyne Water  

Stevenson, Ronald On Another's Sorrow  


Faure  Requiem  

Poulenc, Francis   Gloria  


Beethoven  Choral Fantasia  

Bruckner  Te Deum  

Mozart, W.A. Ave Verum  


Bernstein, Leonard,  West Side Story  

Gilbert & Sullivan Extracts  

Loewe, Frederick My Fair Lady

Palestrina (arr. Bach) Missa Brevis  

Schubert, Franz  Mass in G  


Barber, Samuel  Agnus Dei  

Holst, Gustav  Christmas Day

Mozart, W.A. Laudate Dominum  

Rossini Stabat Mater  


Bach, J.S. Christmas Oratorio  

Puccini, Giacomo Messe Di Gloria  

Vivaldi Gloria  


Britten, Benjamin  Ceremony of Carols  

Byrd  Mass for Four Voices

Haazen, Guido  Congolese style Mass "Missa Luba"  

Handel  Dixit Dominus  


Bach, J.S.  Cantata 106  

Schubert, Franz Four Part songs

Vaughan Williams Five Mystical Songs  


Bruford, Alan I am of Ireland

Monteverdi, Claudio Ave Maris Stella  

Vaughan Williams Dark eyed sailor

John Rutter Bushes and Briars  

John Rutter  Bobby Shaftoe

Scottish - Dashing White Sergeant, Mary Morison, Uist Tramping Song Offenbach  Opening Chorus of La Vie Parisienne, Bold Gendarmes,   La Belle Fille, Joie de vie

Gilbert & Sullivan  Chorus of fairies - Iolanthe, Brightly Dawns our Wedding Day - Mikado, No possible doubt whatever  

Andrew Lloyd Webber Cats - Memory  

West Side Story  


Scottish - Dashing White Sergeant, Eriskay Love Lilt, Mary Morison Bonnie Dundee,  The Auld Lint Mill, Remember me my deir,

Uist Tramping Song

Madrigals - Fair Phyllis, Phyllis Farewell, April is, Never Weather Beaten

Gilbert and Sullivan - Brightly Dawns, Strange Adventure,

Regular Royal Queen, Cachucha

Miscellaneous  - O Waly, Waly, West Side Story, Little David, Kum Ba Yah, Gospel Train , Lennon McCartney  Can't Buy Me Love, When I'm 64, Obladi

Gilbert and Sullivan I Stole the Prince,  

Mozart, W.A.  Requiem Mass

Gabrieli, Andrea  O sacrum convivium  

Gabrieli, Giovanni,  In ecclesiis  

Monteverdi, Claudio Confitebur tibi, Domine

Gabrieli, Giovanni,  Domine exsaudi orationem meam  

Offenbach The Opening Chorus from Act I of La Vie Parisienne,

Bold Gendarmes, and Joie de Vie

Lloyd Webber, Andrew Memory, Cats

Vaughan Williams The Dark Eyed Sailor , Bushes and Briars

David Willcocks  Bobby Shaftoe

Cesar Geoffray La Belle Fille

Rogers arr.  I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing  

Murray Campbell Follow the Star


Alan Bruford I am of Ireland, Justify all those Renowned Generations, Running to Paradise - first performance

Mozart, W.A.  Coronation Mass K317  

Scottish -  Dashing White Sergeant, Eriskay Love Lilt, Mary Morison,

Bonnie Dundee,   Remember me my deir, Uist Tramping Song  

Madrigals Fair Phyllis, Phyllis Farewell, April is…, Never Weather Beaten,  Dear Love, Say gentle nymphs

O Waly, Waly, Strange adventure, Cachucha, Can't buy me love,

Bridge over troubled water, West Side Story

Praetorius, Michael - The Son of God a Child is Born  

Praetorius, Michael - Est Ist Ein Rös

Gabrieli, Giovanni  - Hodie Christus Natus Est  

Britten, Benjamin - A Ceremony of Carols


J. S. Bach Cantata 147

Vivaldi, Antonio - Gloria

Spirituals - Little David Play on your Harp, Git on Board, Little Children,

The Auld Lint Mill  

Madrigals - Since my tears and lamenting, April is in my mistress' face

Gilbert & Sullivan - Fairies Chorus, Entrance and March of the Peers, Sentries Song,  When Britain Really Rules the Waves, Finale  

Spirituals  - Joshua fought the Battle of Jerico, Steal away to Jesus

Vaughan Williams - The Spring Time of the Year, The Dark Eyed Sailor

Lenon McCartney +  The Sound of Silence, From Both Sides Now, Yesterday,  Oblidi, Oblada.

Handel Messiah extracts -  For unto us a child is born,  Glory to God

Holst, Gustav - Christmas Day  


Negro Spirituals Swing low, sweet chariot, Little David

Gilbert and Sullivan - Brightly dawns our wedding day (Mikado),

Dance the Cachucha (Gondoliers)    

Hugh Roberton - Uist Tramping Song, Dashing White Sergeant, Bonnnie Dundee

Murray Campbell arr.  Mary Morison  

Vaughan Williams - Wassail Song     

Benjamin Britten -  The Sycamore Tree    

Paul Simon, arr. Clyde Sechler - Bridge over Troubled Water   

O Lusty May, Anon, What Mighty Motion, Anon.

Gilbert and Sullivan - From the Sunny Spanish Shore, Duke of

Plaza-Toro,  Don Alhambra, I stole the Prince,  Try we lifelong,

Take a pair of sparkling eyes, There lived a King,  When a merry maiden marries,  Then one of us will be a Queen, Dance a Cachucha, When Britain really ruled the waves (Ionlanthe), Strange Adventure (Yeomen of the Guard),  Regular  Royal Queen (Gondoliers)  

Madrigals - Fair Phyllis I saw, Phyllis Farewell, Amyntas with his Phyllis fair, Never Weather Beaten Sail

 McCartney, Lennon - Michelle,  Can't Buy Me Love (arr. M. Campbell) Long and Winding Road, When I'm Sixty-Four